my farmer has a summertime hobby. it's not the most conducive hobby seeing how it takes place during farming season, but we're kind of in whitewater kayaking heaven here in idaho, so it would be silly to not take advantage of the outdoor offerings in our backyard. word? word.
this is not my farmer. i don't know who it is, but i'm scared for him.
he is certainly not supposed be going into this rapid sideways.

meanwhile...back on the farm...

i've been asking, begging, threatening my farmer to do a guest post for awhile now. the man is funny and i think you would all enjoy what he has to say. but, he's consistently refused until this weekend. he came bursting through the single-wide front door exclaiming, "I WANT TO DO A GUEST POST! check your e-mail."

farmer had sent me a video promoting a whitewater kayaking race taking place on the north fork of the payette river. that's approximately 45 minutes north of the big city. beautiful rivers. beautiful country.

after diving further into said "guest post" farmer didn't so much want to "guest post" as he wanted me to just post the video because he thinks it's so rad. and it is.  what makes it even more rad is that MY FARMER kayaks the section of river in the video below. can you even believe it?!?! granted, he kayaks that river during lower flows...much lower. but it's still quite impressive.

i get the nervous sweats when he ventures out on his kayaking shenanigans, but when makes it home safely it's like a soldier returning from war. totally hot. me like.

farmer and me geared up and ready for the river