the sun valley/ketchum/stanley area
hola amigos y amigas! i'm currently in sun valley with some of the most fantastic people in the world. ever. really. they are just that great. (good adjectives, karli.)

so, as i've mentioned before, my farmer is pretty fantastic. this makes me fantastic by association. people love the man. farmer was asked to be a groomsmen in a wedding in sun valley. that wedding is taking place TONIGHT. it's in this BEAUTIFUL lodge with exposed beams, tall ceilings, and a gi-normous stone fireplace. stunning, really. what it comes down to is the bride has some AMAZING style. fancy is the word. and her groom to be? he's wonderful.

so farmer is a groomsmen and i'm cool by association. we've established this. we've been wined and dined and spoiled and pampered and i can't even believe it's my life. the bride and groom know how to celebrate. the best part? they are a perfect match.

oh love. i'm in love with love. but enough about love...

let's celebrate my GOALS from last sunday!

1. crunches: i said i was going to do 2000 last week. verdict? WIN!!! i did 2200. talk about overachievement. it had nothing to do with the guilt i felt when i drank the cheese from our fondu dish.

2. running: the goal was to run 3 miles a day which would have equaled 15 for the week. i ended up running 22.25 miles this past week! i couldn't even believe it. it had nothing to do with the guilt i felt when i shoved an entire costco muffin in my face exclaiming, "WHAT? I'M STARVING."

3. push-ups: people. it's amazing how quickly your body will adapt if you're consistent. the first day i did 50 boy push-ups i thought i was going to die. my chubby arms would quiver as i lowered my body to the floor and shake violently on the way back up. but by day five i could do 15 boy push-ups in a row. i know that's not that impressive to you, but to me? i'm proud. in total i did 305 push-ups this week. the goal was 250. i'd call that a WIN!

4. FAIL: i didn't make dinner one single time this week. le sigh. we were busy! what with all the running and boy push-ups. i did eat a giant bowl of honey nut cheerios on thursday. okay, i ate two bowls. it was delicious. i don't know what farmer ate. i'll try again next week.

to make this post even longer...NEW GOALS!

1. i'm going to finish wiring the basement at our new house so it will be ready for carpet and floor trim. (is that what it's called?) in addition, i'm going to order the covers for our canned lights and all the switch/outlet plates. i've been dreading this for months.

2. document one healthy meal i've prepared for my farmer.

3. don't buy anything clothing-related. (seriously? i'm depressed already.)

4. get dressed in real clothes everyday. i've kind of slipped back into some bad habits. my dress code has consisted of yoga, stretchy, pajama pants and t-shirts for the past few weeks. can you say, "turn on?" i can't believe my farmer doesn't look at me with contempt.

adios y'all. i can't wait to show you pictures of the wedding tonight!