guess where i've been? in denver visiting this long-legged thing on the left. my sister: kelli-belli-smelli. it's been 80 degrees and amazing. i definitely packed all the wrong clothes. i've been sweating a lot.

guess where my farmer has been? tiling our shower and doing all the other manly things farmers do in the spring time. he's a keeper over and over.

(i'm not exactly positive what that entails but i know farmer has been real REAL busy...bless him.)

ahem - did you catch that i'll be coming home to a tiled shower!!! this. is. huge.

so right before i left he said, "have fun on your little vacation in denver without me." (insert sad face.)

i responded, "you're going to have so much fun without me!" i was being serious. i really thought he was going to have fun.

farmer was real confused, "huh?"

i exclaimed, "you get to drive your new sprayer!" people...this apparently is NOT exciting. i mean...i think he would rather be doing anything besides tiling our shower and driving 14 hours a day in this:

i wish i had a point of reference so you could see just how large and in charge this piece of machinery is. i think it's a pretty big. damn. deal. add it to our lineup of arsenal.

i fly home tomorrow morning and leave my dear sister in the big city. but in the week i've been here we've had loads of fun and i can't wait to report on our happenings!

teaser: i TOTALLY met someone famous. stay tuned. well, i think they are famous. they are pretty damn famous.