oh hey, friday! i'm spending you in the mountains with my best gals and my very best guy.

you know - my super smoking hot farmer.

also known as - best dad, total stud, easy on the eyes, still makes my heart pitter-pat farmer.

but as we've discussed before...he's totally taken. #sorryimnotsorry

as i said earlier this week...today is our 5TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!

time has really flown, so today i'm going to list five things my farmer and i have done in the past five years.

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M Y  F I V E

1 | we built a house.
my farmer and i started our marriage with me moving from the big city to the farm. talk about a slap in the face right to reality. i went from living in a condo in downtown boise to living in a single wide trailer on a farm.
which brings us to...our home! my farmer quite literally built me a home over the first two years of our marriage. we're talking - framed, tiled, laid hardwood, electrical, lighting, decking, paint, the list goes on. that's my guy.

2 | we made a baby
that's right. a little hanky-panky, and nine months later our turtle was born. oh lord...that's when life really changes and you get an even stronger slap of reality.

my farmer and i were discussing...if we could have five more just like kaye, we totally would. the little gal she's shaping up to be is beyond amazing. no seriously...we have the most outstanding, adventurous, brave, wild, funny (so funny), smart little gal there ever was. not to mention, she's ridiculously cute and has eyelashes and curls that don't quit. 

3 | we made another baby
it must be something about the cold month of january...but we went ahead and gave it another try with the distinct thought in my head, "please oh please don't let us have another kaye." (kaye really was a difficult one year old...like...the most difficult.)

instead, we got sawyer. if my farmer and i could have five more just like sawyer, we totally would. the little gal she's shaping up to be is beyond what we could have hoped for. our sawyer is the sweetest, grabbiest, curious, happy, excitable little gal there ever was. not to mention, she's gorgeous. her blue eyes dance and she has the tiniest button nose - perfect for little kisses.

4 | expanded the farm

my farmer - he's what i lovingly call a land-hoarder. no, seriously. if that guy hear's of land for sale anywhere near us, he's on the hunt and trying to figure out a way to add onto our farm. 

in the time we've been married, my farmer has nearly doubled the land he used to farm. i couldn't be more proud of my hard-working hunk of burning love. 

5 | we're still married
you guys...marriage is no joke. it's hard stuff. but the best stuff is usually the hard stuff, right? you have to work at it and work for it. 

i couldn't be happier about the man i chose to build a life with. i couldn't be happier that my farmer has stuck with me through thick and thin. let's just say i'm not the easiest person to be married to. 
again - my farmer is the best of the best. 

now excuse me while i go kiss his face off. 

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