so, i have to give a little shout out to my cousin woodrow. he's probably in the top two funniest people i know. okay, he may be #1. the guy CRACKS. ME. UP. so funny.

i mean, just check out these pictures of him. i stole them right off his facebook page:

the man is a real kick in the pants. my only regret is that we didn't live closer to one another as children. he's from sunny santa barbara and i've lived in...uh...idaho my 28 years.

i'm inspired to write this post ALL about cousin woody because he posted a video on facebook that made me smile. then i thought, i should share some of the videos cousin woody has made himself! brilliant!

so first i have the video he posted. this is not cousin woody but it will make you laugh or at least smile or snort or something:

and now i'm going to treat you to a video starring cousin woody. and i'll post another tomorrrow, and another the next day and so on...until there are no more cousin woody videos. get excited:

hey cousin - now that i did an entire blog post in your honor will you make me an entry table? thanks.