wow, talk about a negative nancy with my goals yesterday. i certainly have been feeling very unmotivated as of late. i could barely roll out of bed this morning at 6:30 am. and trust me, i would have rolled out later, but my workday starts at 7 am. it takes me a good 30 minutes to crawl from one end of the single-wide to the other end where my desk is located. it's not a pretty sight.
so, to put a positive spin on my lack of goals this week, i'm going to list a few things i am OH so thankful for:

1. my farmer. that man is a stud and i think he was put on this earth to make me happy.

2. girl scout cookies. you better believe i flipped a bli-otch yesterday in the big city so i could buy five boxes of thin mints, samoas, and tagalongs. i had to do it...for the children. and to let my farmer know that i love him. and i had to eat four samoas and six thin mints to ensure their nutritional quality. these are things i do out of love.

3. feisty, elderly women. my farmers granny passed away yesterday. she was 94, but acted 64. the lady had some serious spunk, and i can appreciate that.

alrighty, i'm also linking up with a fun little blog over yonder: lovely little things

Lovely Little Things

stay fancy.