not taken in texas. sawtooth's of idaho in the background.
hey y'all. we're still in tex-ass. and in tex-ass you say y'all, y'all. i have some goals to report. let's get right to it.

1. last week i started up my goal-setting again and it went...medium. my first goal was to run three times for at least 30 minutes. NAILED IT. i'm not going to say it didn't hurt. it did. but one of the days farmer ran with me and we chatted like gossipy girlfriends. it was a gas. okay, we didn't chat like girlfriends. i yelled at him a few times for throwing off my pace. i yelled at him for the weather being too hot. i yelled at him for not carrying any water for me. farmer is a saint.

2. BBQ! yay! i just love it. grillin' is fun. clean-up is a snap. the food is delish. unfortunately when i set the "grill three nights" goal i totally spaced that we were leaving in the middle of the week for the lone star state. so i got two nights of grillin' in and i helped the lovely nicole prepare for the crawfish feed on saturday. i call it a WIN!

3. 80 oz. epic fail.

bring on the new goals!

with the sawtooth relay being RIGHT around the corner i'm feeling like working out is going to need to become a top priority for these warmer months. in addition, we wear less clothes = more skin shows. me thinks i want that skin to look decent. right? right. so this weeks goals are going to be all about fit-ass.

1. run at least three times this week for 35 minutes. ugh. 30 minutes was hard. but in training for the sawtooth relay i'm going to HAVE to increase the mileage.

2. 25 push-ups a day. this can be a combination of girly-style or man. either way...the old pythons need a little shape-up.

3. crunches. i have had a serious hiatus from any sort of ab activity. the old waistline isn't getting any smaller. 250 crunch-ish type things every day of the week...that's the prescription.

running. push-ups. crunches. i've got this.

maybe try setting some little goals for your week. it's crazy how much you think about them throughout the week. it really does motivate me to work towards them consistently.