oh hey texas! i like you more than i thought i would. as a matter-o-fact: your weather is great, it smells real REAL good, and the people we're visiting aren't half bad.

so let's give some high-fives today, how about it?!

1. high five to texas for surpassing expectations. thanks tex.

2. sweet mother how i've missed my boots. but obviously since we're in texas i'll be sporting these guys with my short shorts. so high five to cowboy boots...and short shorts...and my first sunburn.

3. oh, i'm sorry. did you think i wasn't going to post this again? wrong. you can count on seeing it at least a dozen or so more times. high freaking five for speedos...on farmers...who drink beer. and high five to family members who have pools in their backyards.

picture taken right off google images. i take zero credit.
4. high five for friday night baseball games. we'll be visiting the astros tonight!

5. high five for my bikini not fitting anymore. and no, it's not too big. high five for sarcasm.

happy friday and weekend y'all!

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