with the way the past few weeks have gone with the old goal-setting maybe i should just set one goal and then feel really good about accomplishing that one goal instead of setting three goals and accomplishing 1/3. that is certainly not fun.

what could i possibly be so busy with that i can't sit on the floor for 10 minutes a night and do a few crunches. do you want to know what i'm busy with? two things:

1. doing an AMAZING GIVEAWAY TO POTTERY BARN! have you entered? if not, CLICK HERE!

2. obviously i've been watching the RHNJ. seriously. have you been watching? whoa mama! love love love.

1. i love the make-up.
2. i love the clothing.
3. i love the clashing.

1. i could never pull off make-up like that.
2. i've never dressed myself in animal print.
3. i can get mouthy. i bet i'd hold my own. ahhhh snap.

this week, in honor of my ladies, let's do a new jersey tribute:

1. i'm totally going to workout/run so i can get a serious bootay like some of those women. boom. this will include a minimum of three days of running for at least 40 minutes. boom. and i'll definitely work my arms so they can look like teresa's. the lady is cut. boom.

2. i'll go ahead and make dinner for the farmer in full new jersey gear. dress, super high high heels, and full make-up. there won't be a headband or cardigan in sight. (have i mentioned my farmer loathes headbands and cardigans? another story for another day.)

3. try to consistently speak in a new jersey accent.

get some goals going for your week people. AND TELL ME ABOUT THEM! sometimes hearing other's goals can spark some inspiration.

happy week, people. and don't forget to come back on wednesday to see if you won the giveaway!

AND if you haven't entered the giveaway do so now, if not sooner! click HERE!