slowly but surely my farmer and i are getting moved into our new, little farm house. this is thrilling.

some of these articles, furniture, decor lived with us in our little

and you know what...they kind of jazzied up the place. i like to think it was the nicest single-wide in these here parts. i had some pride...for the inside. obviously not on the outside. that was beyond help.

but some of the goodies we received for my bridal shower and wedding. i packed them away in storage two years ago and thought of them daily. and cried. and longed. and then the glorious day came when they emerged and now live in our new home.

this is an old picture...the color is still the same. the landscaping leaves something to be desired, but it was a big day when the siding went up and the deck was constructed.

so now all our "things" live with us here. and i couldn't be happier.

and i realized i have a pottery barn addiction and should really begin to diversify...or get sponsored by them...or get a job there.

like this condiment set given to me by a glorious coworker. it's been hiding away for over two years and i finally unpacked it the other day for the very first time and i very nearly cried...

and this wine rack that my farmer hung for me. it looked good in the trailer...but EVEN BETTER over here...

and while i labeled everything pottery barn in this picture so you can see the severity of my issues...please take note of the GLORIOUS table. the thing rocks. my. socks. it's my very most favorite piece in our home.

when my great aunt and uncle passed i had the opportunity to inherit something from their home. i had always loved this table. the color, shape, hardware...all of it. but it's even sweeter because every time i look at it i'm reminded of my great aunt and uncle and their legacy. fantastic people. i was real REAL young when they were gettin' real REAL old. i wish i had known to cherish my time with them.

wooo - life lessons up in here. moving on...

this little bench and rack/hook system i found on craigs list. pottery barn at 85% off? yes please. let me just take that off your hands. the bench also lived in the trailer with us, but looks FAR better in our mud/laundry room.

but you know what's NOT awesome? when i find the pillows on the ground every single morning. farmer throws them off to prove a point.

his point? "why are there so many damn pillows that i can't even sit down to put on my shoes?"

my point? "i. don't. care. it. looks. pretty."

he still throws them off. it's very harsh.

this pottery barn inspired post was not only my opportunity to share more of our little home with y'all but to ALSO remind you of the GLORIOUS POTTERY BARN GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY.

that's $50 clams y'all.

if you want to get entered...CLICK HERE! and don't forget to leave a comment at the bottom of the post because that's how the winner will be chosen. word? word.

entries will be accepted until 6pm. that's mountain standard time, y'all.

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