when i started this little bloggy i'm not sure why it never dawned on me that it would be like a little memoir of the life my farmer and i will experience together, what we share, what we did, my craziness, his awesomeness, our good-lookingness (stretch?)...you get the picture.

but wouldn't you know it...the deeper i get into this thingy, the more i have realized WE'RE MAKING MEMORIES PEOPLE. and these are just some highlights. i'm loving it.

so why not do some bebe in my belly memories, yes? yes.

bebe belly - 26 weeks

that's my sister kell bell and a mister we found at the bike race.

current bebe stats:

bump watch - i'm rockin' along at week 26. 14 to go and that just seems insane. i think i'd like this whole process to slow down just a tad. i mean...how could anyone trust me to take a bebe under my care? i can barely take care of myself.

however, the other part of me says, "gosh...i really am loving my cartoon-esque tas and all...and it's super fun that none of my tops fit...oh! and the pain i feel post-workout is real REAL fun, but, i just think i'd like the next 14 weeks to speed right up."

how big is bebe? that little mystery in there is probably about two pounds and about 13 - 14 inches long.

beat the heat - never have i felt so dehydrated in all my days. be it the bebe or the 100+ degrees, the constant dry-mouth is the pits. not to mention the 45 bathroom visits each night. luckily my farmer is quite the sleeper so he's never disrupted.

clothing - gee goll. i've been packaging myself in some trusty cut-offs, t-shirts, unbuttoned jeans...you get the idea. my saving grace has been some glorious maxi skirts and some lightweight scarves to downplay the ladies.

but during my little visit to denver i was able to stop into a store called a pea in the pod and they carry some nice denim. i snagged myself a pair citizens with a giant belly panel. i foresee myself wearing those jeans for...a long long time. they'll definitely come in handy during large holiday meals. so gloriously comfy.

weight gain - if there is one thing i've learned...there is no standard. the tiniest thing can gain 50 pounds. the average gal can gain 15. bodies are just so different. so when i tell ya i've gained seven pounds (5 in my bra), what does it even mean? i'm certainly not starving. i have plenty of energy. i'm feelin' real good. at my 24 week appointment the doctor said everything was great. so, everything is great.

stretch marks? i think i spied the beginnings of some on my left hip area. son of a...but when i asked my sister to inspect she said she couldn't be sure. i'll just be sure to lather the dickens out of all susceptible areas. i have the palmer's cocoa lotion. i was told it's good stuff, but the smell kills me.

workouts - i'm oh so proud to report that i'm working out at least three times a week, but usually more like four or five times a week. running, walking, hiking, or a bike ride. i am also considering hand polishing the hardwood, painting the house, and house projects a form of working out.

gender - i NEVER thought i'd be the gal to report that we're not finding out. but we really aren't! not only does it REALLY cut down on the things you can buy, but the element of surprise is the most amazing feeling. i'm SO SO thrilled farmer and i decided this route.

cravings - what i wouldn't do to sip on a delicious IPA...like...right now. other cravings? subway sandwiches i guess. i average about two a week.

craziest moment of the week - about 25 seconds ago i felt a kick and literally saw my stomach move. bring on the movement and kicks. i don't care what time of day or night. the more movement, the more i feel like i know what's going on.

that's probably PLENTY of not-needed information for a friday morning.

i'll be posting all about my glorious little trip to colorado to see the beach boys and visit sister. a teaser for now...

yes, i'm THAT funny. (maybe not.)

have a nice little weekend.