case you didn't notice, the ol bloggy-blog has a totally hip and with it, super-snazz-tasitc look and feel.

it's farm-livin' y'all.

am i right or am i right?

it incorporates all my loves:
1. my farmer
2. idaho
3. my farmer
4. my super hot farmer
5. wheat sprigs which = farm (right?)

i owe it all to one fantastic gal who delt with incredibly picky, specific requests; poor communication (on my part); and quite the revision process. all whilst weathering hurricane conditions.

seriously - one of her e-mails said something like, "...i'll work on your edits until my laptop loses power since we don't have electricity right now..."

i was like, "whaaaa???? please be safe."

talk about client satisfaction!

so a big shout-out to my billie designs!
My Billie
isn't she a doll? she is.
and if y'all also want to check out my new pages...they are fun too. especially the ADVERTISE page.
no no...i'm not asking for $$money$$. but button tradesies are fun, yes? 
any interest, you just shoot me a little does that sound?