you know what's fun? it's fun being married to my farmer-man who does just about anything to make this farmer-gal oh so happy.

a few weeks ago we had some visitors out to the farm for a little photo sesh. and the only reason this photo sesh. happened is because my farmer knew i was oh so thrilled to get my belly out there loud and proud.

as i said, we had some visitors. our visitors were the husband/wife duo of two bird studio. EB and jason made their way from le big city all the way to our little corner of the world.  and with the help of a few adult beverages (for my farmer, not me!) we were all relaxed a-plenty to begin our maternity shoot.

you bet that's our straw. that there straw was baled up just a few days before the pictures were taken. i had big dreams of all those bales all speckled around the field, acting as the perfect backdrop...but apparently the act of farming does not pause for photo sessions. but to my delight, they still looked real real good all stacked up behind us.

and do you want to know the very best part?

EB tells you you're pretty the entire time.

isn't it funny? the more someone tells you you're pretty, the more you like them? at least that's how it works with me.

quick...someone tell me i'm pretty.'s even okay to ask for compliments some (or a lot) of the time!

EB and jason were also sure to capture our not-so-normal side.

the picture on the left - this epitomizes the face i make A LOT...usually in response to most jokes/phrases/words in general from my farmer.

that farmer of mine...he's got a mouth on him.

the picture on the right? i'm not sure. maybe we were talking about how sometimes bebe kicks so hard i want to grab my belly and shake it. but apparently shaking bebes whether in the womb or out is frowned upon. let that be noted.


that's right...the two bird studio team let me change up my clothing. A GIRL NEEDS OPTIONS, yes? yes.

i really loved every second. and i think this was quite apparent by the smile plastered across my face the two hours it took to snap all 5000 shots. (that's not an exact count.)

let's also have a moment of honesty - those white shorts? i love. but they are in NO way/shape/form even close to being buttoned...or zipped. nope, i squeezed my fanny into them and called it an outfit...and i have no apologies (except for maybe to EB and jason who I kept asking if my shirt was covering the zipper).

what? ANOTHER outfit change? you BET!

thank you again EB and jason. we can't wait to have you out to the farm again...once your schedule finally relaxes a bit!

good photographers = busy photographers!