guh. is anyone else in a workout funk?

is anyone else STILL eating nutella by the spoonful?

oh...just me? damn.

it's just real REAL easy to want to sit and cuddle this little gal all day.

and if you can believe it...she's actually cuter in person.

but...maybe if i bring back my weekly goal setting i'll get more than cuddling done in a day, yes?

1. i plan on completing at least 250 abdominal exercises per day. this starts tonight. i'm dreading it already.

2. at least 30 minutes of cardio five times this week. you see, i got a little cocky after miss kaye was born. i was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight within the week. apparently this was my license to eat (fill in the blank). pretty much anything my heart desired...and beer. oh bring on the beer. ipa's please. the hoppier the better. and so i did. and then before i knew it i was up eight pounds. what?! i mean...that was after the hawaii vacation and everything, but still...eight pounds? so yes, it's time to stop treating my face like a garbage disposal and get movin' and groovin'.

3. cook. healthy meals. this will happen at least twice a week. and if i'm really feeling like an overachiever, i'll do a recipe post.

that should keep me busy until next tuesday.

wish me luck. words of encouragement accepted below.