22 weeks pregnant last june. 
about one week ago i decided it was time to stop shoving trash in my face and start training for a half marathon. 13.1 miles folks. it'll be my third.

(don't worry...i stopped buying nutella about a month ago. now i just have to stop shoving all the other crap in my face.)

before miss kaye was with us i think i could run about an 8:30 minute mile pretty consistently. i mean...by no means was it easy. i was definitely huffing and puffing and sweating and panting and cursing, but hey...i was in the 8's. that's a big damn deal for me.

back in my faster days. pre-bebe.
so when i set out for my first long run this past sunday at my 9:40 pace i was feeling a little sad. but then i realized i wasn't breathing heavily. i wasn't in pain. and i was ACTUALLY enjoying myself. the six miles were gone in a flash. boom.

as i was running, i was thinking it might be fun to share some of my very most favorite most awesome running songs. the songs that keep me going. relax me. motivate me.

let's keep in mind i'm one of those crazy (awesome) runners that sings out loud and run-dances. or dance-runs. whatever. let's get on it...

playlist i like to listen to when i'm doing an interval run:

girl talk - feed the animals
i listen to the whole album. and it's awesome. if you haven't heard this compilation...get on it.

artists i like for a long run that you have to settle into:

eric hutchinson
jason mraz
jack johnson (some of them)

these types of songs seem to do a good job relaxing me and keep me paced well.

songs i enjoy when i'm feeling like a total badass and want to run-dance/dance-run:

sexy and i know it - LMFAO
bad romance - lady gaga
moves like jagger - maroon 5
hey ya! - outkast
super bass - nicki minaj (i also run/rap/sing this one...quite impressive)
gives you hell - the all-american rejects
sexy back - justin timeberlake
timebomb - beck
lay down the law - switches
party in the usa - miley cyrus (i'm not ashamed.)
rock dj - robbie williams
locked out of heaven - bruno mars (this one just makes me feel like a super sexy runner, right?)
call me maybe - carly rae jepsen (again, i'm not ashamed.)
f*ck you - cee lo green (i sing and dance/point especially hard to this one for some reason. it happens right at about 22 minutes on my playlist so i must be feeling particularly energized.)
some nights - fun
what makes you beautiful - one direction (sometimes i listen to it twice in a row.)

my farmer is coming to pick up miss kaye here in about an hour. i'll be going for a five mile run on this glorious, non-windy day...without having to push a stroller. i'm pretty jazzy-jazzed.

what songs are on your workout playlist? what must-haves am i missing?

my running partner.