guys. this is happening. it really is!

i know it's been a bit since i said i was going to start running you probably thought i bombed that goal. similar to how i've said i was going to cook my farmer dinner and then made him popcorn instead. right? right.

well BOOM b*tches! (too far? i tend to write like i speak. let me start over...)

well BOOM! i'm DOING it!

1. the running is going fabulously. like...awesome. my wonderful farmer has been SUPER supportive. not only does he take little miss-miss for a few hours on the days i have to do longer runs, but he also hauled her for seven miles along side me two weekends ago. that farmer...mmm. he's the bees knees. our half marathon is in five weeks and i think it's going to be a success.

2. post-bebe weight? if you didn't read several posts ago let me catch you up. i didn't gain a whole lot of weight during my pregnancy so losing it was a snap. like...i was back to pre-preg. weight in two weeks. i felt like a rock star. SO rock star in fact that i thought i could eat whatever i wanted. i was breast feeding after all! (and that burns like 5000 calories a day. no, no it does not.) so with no working out and the tubs of nutella i gained eight-ish pounds in a snap. yikes. but now with all the running (about 20 miles a week) i'm down three pounds. five to go, but i wouldn't be mad about losing ten.

a few days past my due-date

one month after kaye's arrival. the weight just snapped right off!
this was CLEARLY before my crazy nutella phase...
(pictured here with my bea-u-ti-ful sister, kelli just after the ceremony of some dear friend's wedding)

unfortunately i thought the perfect time to pack on the eight pounds
was right before and during our vacation to hawaii. not. smart.
you would think at 20 miles of running a week maybe i would have lost more? well...that's hard when i STILL can't control my sweet tooth and my even stronger popcorn tooth. it's been a daily battle royale.  i'll get it together eventually. you should have seen the self-control i had several months before our wedding.

it'll be fun to post an "after" picture once i really start practicing a healthy diet.

and thirdly: i think my farmer has been most impressed with the amount of warm dinners he's been enjoying. that's right farmer has been coming home to actual meals. miss bebe has been my helper in the kitchen (read: keeping the knives and raw chicken out of her reach). yes yes...sometimes the meal is from the crockpot and sometimes it's as simple as grilled chicken ceasar salad, but it's happening. and it's edible. and i think it makes farmer love me just a little more.

i have a pretty delish recipe to post. it's a chicken sausage spaghetti made with goat cheese. YUM? yes.