oh you people. i have been a pinning fool as of late. not only have i been pinning, but i've been doing. have i been documenting? no...not at all.

but then today as my farmer held our bebe (see him standing in front of the tv in the background) i snapped these quick shots of our spinach.

spinach in mason jars = brilliance.

okay...so it all starts with my deep, deep love for costco. i love the smell. i love the samples. i love the size. for those of you not aware of what costco is...it's bulk. glorious glorious bulk. like...two giant tubs of nutella bulk. moving on...

so i've been shopping at costco for awhile. like...before i was married. yep...for some reason my family of one needed bulk food???

then i continued to shop in bulk for our party of two...still not necessary.

and now that we're a little family of three? still shopping...still not necessary.

but what it comes down to is i would buy this large package of organic spinach pretty much every trip. and while i KNOW we should have been eating that amount of greens before it went bad...we weren't. it would get slimy, and wet, and gross. half the package would be wasted. and that my dears...pissed me right off.

but then...pinterest. glorious pinterest. i saw a pin that said to put the spinach in mason jars...and since my mason jars were just sitting in the cupboard waiting for the next time they were to be used as vases, i figured i'd give it a shot.

and wham-bam-nelly...IT WORKS!!

so the last three times i've purchased spinach, i just divide the large package into four jars. not only does it take up less space in the fridge, but it keeps for over two weeks. it really really does.

and that's all i have to say about that.

on another note...i have a running partner that needs an attitude adjustment...