you know it!

my sister and her main squeeze decided to get hitched.

he liked it. he put a ring on it. and now a wedding is

actually, not tomorrow, but soon-ish. as in, we have about zero days to plan this shindig. and i think kell bell prefers it that way. for as long as i can remember she's always been pretty, "ho, hum, i can't be bothered, blah, blah, whatev," about the idea of her wedding.

me? that wasn't the case. i had been fantasizing (read: obsessing) about my wedding since i was just a little gal. i just love weddings...what can i say? i've written a few times about our big day here and here. since this is a bloggy about our lives i should probably write about the actual day...(as i stare longingly out the window reflecting on our perfect day. i was hungry, but damn skinny. those were the days...)

back to kell bell.

see that sweet little gal with the star on her head? she's bringing this guy into our family...

no, that's not his's his ridiculously cute nephew so i approve the union.

plus he makes my sweet sis real REAL happy, and they look pretty cute together...

and the guy can grow a mean beard...and seriously sister has been obsessing over facial hair for years. it was her one requirement in her easy-breezy world.

so pardon me as i live in wedding heaven over the next few weeks. (read: time to get serious about cleaner eating so i don't look like trash in her wedding pictures.)

on a related note: i found some random doughnuts in our house today. and when i say random, i mean i bought them on friday. i convinced myself it was okay to eat two because i wasn't eating the entire doughnut...just the glorious, chocolate-y top of the doughnuts.

sunday confessional.

'nuff said.