our little cuddle-bear turned six months yesterday. this is a big deal.

1. i'm no longer afraid she's going to die of SIDS. apparently there is about a 1% chance of this happening in babies 6+ months. so we're in good shape.

2. we are sleeping at night. and while she wasn't a great napper...ever since about three months she's only been waking about once a night between the hours of 3:30 and 5 am. i feel good about that. plus there is something so sweet about cuddle-sessions in the wee hours.

3. teething? ain't no thang. our little turtle-bug has four. two on the bottom-center and the two right next to the top-center. that's right...not the top front teeth, the ones next to the top front. that's weird. this leads to her chewing on...EVERYTHING. for example:

nicknames: cuddle-bear, cuddle-beet, cuddle-muff(in), bear, beet, turtle-bug, koala, baby

weight: 17 pounds (according to our home scale. first i get on and weigh myself, then pick her up and weigh us together. it's a very scientific process.)

loves: food, long runs, being held, not cuddling, not napping, getting her diaper changed, scratching fabric, story time at the library, and riding dirty around the farm. and by "riding dirty" i mean standing on her dad's lap holding the wheel. it's a luxury we have out here on the farm.

hates: cuddling, napping, being alone, the last mile of any run

milestones: she totally sits up on her own (see above)...and she loves it. i also witnessed her push up onto her hands and knees for a very hot second today. my heart skipped a beat and i beamed with ridiculous enthusiasm.

is this what it's like each time your child does something new? i'm going to be a crier...i know it.

my little beet - you're one of a kind.

i have to say that i kind of LOVE that you're an absolute angel for all others but can be a total pill with me. that means i always get glowing reports of what an amazing little gal i have. and all i can say is, "i know...isn't she the best?"

but you and i know the truth. you save all your sassiness for me. you little sass-face. lucky me. but let it be known that your sassiness is few and far between. so when you do act up, it's fine. we deal.

can i just say thank you x 1 million for being the BEST little running partner there ever was? i mean, even when i made you sit in the BOB for nine miles you were a total trooper for all but the last mile. that's totally understandable. i usually get pretty fussy during the beginning of my runs. we all have our moments.

let's discuss your eating habits little miss. talk about enthusiastic. one look at your thighs and people know you've never skipped a meal in your life.

i'm not sure why i yell "peaches!" at the end of this.

in the last month you have thoroughly enjoyed the Plum brand of organic pouches...because let's be honest; your mom CERTAINLY isn't going to be making your little purees. not when they are so readily available and packaged so sweetly and easy to use. you particularly like butternut squash with cinnamon; spinach, peas and pears; and broccoli and apple. my favorite? broccoli and apple. it's quite enjoyable.

my favorite part about meal time? the way you grunt between each and every bite. i try to slow you down by making you pause for at least five seconds between bites, but it's just not in your nature these days to eat like a lady. we'll teach you some manners in the coming months/years.

oh! and i gave you hummus the other day on a wheat thin. of course you didn't eat the wheat thin, but you gobbled down the hummus and demanded more.

oh! and you may have tried some froyo. like...the most miniscule of miniscule amounts. you totally dug that too. and you still looked cute with it all over your lips.

but baby, we have GOT to discuss your clinginess as of late. it's ridic. and i need you to give me a break. i mean...if i want to sweep the floors or dust and not be holding you, i should be able to. but let me tell you, when i let you weep on the floor in a pile of your toys...i DO NOT feel like mom of the year. but maybe you'll get the memo soon? i cannot hold you all. the. time.

sidebar - my left arm is getting super strong. today as i lugged you around, my bicep was aching so badly i thought it might tear. that's probably slightly dramatic, but it burned.

oh you little turtle...even though you're so clingy, i have to say i REALLY enjoy that you wake up on the right side of the bed every. single. time. the ginormous smile on your face when i snag you out of bed is the absolute best. especially when it is accompanied by a double leg kick with enough force that it scoots you across your mattress. it's like you're saying, "OMG!! it's my most favorite person in the world coming to hug me!" i'd like to think you're really thinking that. maybe one day you'll even say something similar. wishful thinking?

so baby, as you venture into your seventh month, let's work on longer naps. and maybe being comfortable playing by yourself. but you can keep grunting at meal time. that cracks me up.

baby - you're the best baby. and i love calling you baby.