this little nose scrunch thing...this is new.

that's right. our miss miss is nine months today.

and allow me to put my bragging pants on.

we have the most:

  • outgoing
  • smart
  • beautiful
  • athletic
  • funny
  • determined
  • sassy
  • muscular (note the thighs)
  • sweet (kind of)
little gal there ever was. THERE EVER WAS DON'T ARGUE WITH ME BECAUSE SHE'S THE BEST. understand?

glad i got that off my chest.

our little bear has been busy this july. after we all recovered from my sister's little 4th of july birthday/wedding celebration in mccall miss baby took up a few hobbies.

some of her new favorite hobbies include:

pulling my hair and whapping my face. and whapping her dad's face.

like i said...she's a real sweetie-bear.

which brings me to her likes, dislikes, and nicknames:

likes: face-hitting, hair-pulling, speed-crawling, and helping her dad build our basement bathroom

dislikes: when i walk more than 10 feet from her, shoes, hats

nicknames: sweetie-bear, miss miss, girlfriend, chica-lou, baby

other loves: blanket forts with dad, 4-wheeler rides, rodeos, chewing on any anything AMAZE us every day. and would you like to know why?'ve taken your first official steps before your nine-month birthday! we actually counted six real steps. your farmer and i watch in shock and awe. shock. and. awe. 

now...i know you're not the first baby ever to walk. and i know you're not the youngest baby to walk. but to watch you build up your bravery and confidence is the best. but let's be honest're certainly not a great walker and you have waaaaay more confidence than you should. this leads to you falling...a lot. i mean...if you fall one more time we're probably going to need to watch you for concussion symptoms. i'm all for you practicing your new skillz...but let's not get bigger than our britches, mmmmk?

and can we talk about you and the stair-railing? what's with that? if i catch you sucking on the post one more time i'm going to question your sanity. the first time was confusing. the second time was funny. but each subsequent time gets weirder and weirder. 

in your defense, the washer and nut holding the wires does look like a silver nipple...kind of.

and when you're not busy breast feeding off your silver nipple you're demanding grown-up food. you eat everything from scrambled eggs to zucchini lasagna. you're either the world's best eater or i'm a really good cook. 

conclusion: you're an enthusiastic lover of all food. 

another thing you're good at? kisses. you give them sparingly and open-mouthed. with quite a lot of tongue...but when you're in the mood i accept them...willingly. i just love them. 

to add to your list of accomplishments this've started waving goodbye. and it's always with that sweet sweet smile.

baby...thank you so much for being such a good sleeper. those one and a half hour naps twice a day are freaking fantastic. as much as i love when you're awake...i also love when you're asleep. we worked REALLY REALLY hard on your sleeping and i'm glad we did. worth it.

baby...our farmer and i love love love you...a lot. we love you so much it hurts. sometimes i consider playing hard to get to see if that will make you love me more? i play that game for about five minutes and quickly grow tired and enthusiastically kiss your face off. i can't help it. those cheeks are so darn kissable.

this coming month you're in charge of not growing up so quickly. 

love you gal.