peeeeeeople. did you about die like i did when this daaaaawling girl, laynah, e-mailed to be a sponsor?

you see...i kind of have people blocking up my blog with all the sponsor requests so i can be super picky about who to highlight each month.

and well...laynah just happened to luck out this fine july.

i kid.

but something i don't kid about? how much i thoroughly enjoyed reading all about the chica below. she is funny. she's a doll. and she's awkward...just like me. but like...i don't think either of us really realize we're being awkward until we reflect on the interaction or until someone points it out.

i guess that's the charm in us.

check her supah (boston accent) fun blog out, yo.

laynah's social media:


Hey there.

My name is Laynah. The blog's name is Those Creepy Crawleys. Both of those are mouthfuls, I know. I tried to change the name of my blog once, but my husband was quick to object. Surprising, since that isn't usually the kind of thing that husbands have an opinion about...I guess if he really is behind it, then I can accept the fact that the name alone probably makes me the creepiest blog in all of blogland. By the way, I don't always have a green nose. That picture was from a bubble run I did with my sister, and she failed to inform me that I looked like a happier descendant of the Grinch. Hello for real this time.

Quick story: That photobomber up there is kind of a big deal, because his name is Matthew Crawley. I guess that's also the name of a TV star of some show called Downton Abbey or something? His name is one of my most frequently asked questions, even though he mostly goes by Mattie on the blog.

One thing you'll soon learn about me is that I. am. so. awkward. People say this all the time, but I am like level 10 awkward. Apparently, its wildly entertaining to have such an awkward wife though, because I often catch my husband chuckling to himself as we're driving away from a double date, or some place where I had to interact with people. Funny for him...most likely horrifying for my future children. (Sorry guys. You get an awkward mom with a creepy blog!) Due to my record, I have a growing collection of awkward moments that I enjoy sharing on the blog. Take for instance...
... how I found out my entire family reads my blog after I posted a picture of my underwear.
... that one time a trucker proposed to me while I was making him a sandwich.
... I get farted on by my patients, pretty much on a daily basis.
... I once accidently walked into the girls locker room in high school, not realizing that the AWAY team happened to be changing in there. I met a boy. He was in his underwear. Years down the road, he saw me at the same gas station as him and tried striking up a conversation like I hadn't worked so hard to erase that from my memory.
... and a more recent one that I am not yet able to share, because it involves my privates and a BUG. Maybe that can be next, after the post traumatic stress disorder wears off. Or maybe sharing awkward things just increase the awkwardness. I don't know.
Thank you for letting me interrupt your regularly scheduled post with my nonsense! See you around sometime?

alrighty - head on over to laynah's corner and tell her how amazing she is...and tell her i sent you.

i kid.