has anyone been sucked into that show on TLC called who do you think you are?

i have been. hook, line, sinker...i'm gone.

the last one i saw was about zooey deschanel and her quaker family from way back when.

1. i loooove zooey deschanel and so does my farmer. like...he has a big ol' crush on her. which is interesting because she is nothing like me.

2. i learned something about quakers.

moving on.

so that got me thinking...i would REALLY love to get all my ancestry documented because if the next one in line doesn't take it on...it dies. and i'm nearly positive my elder and younger sister won't be lining up for the task.

so i got on the ol' ancestry.com and wasted a good chunk of two evenings and two full kaye-naps  and i feel like i've barely scratched the surface.

moving on.

all of the "discoveries" got me thinking about the stories there must be from even my most closest of relatives.

such as - what i wouldn't GIVE to know the full story about my grandpa's escape from san quentin prison in 1965. seriously...that happened. (mother's father)

such as - wouldn't it be lovely to hear about my grandma's childhood growing up on a farm? who knew that our lives would parallel each other? and how did she meet my grandpa (whom i never met)? and from that box of pictures it looks like they threw some pretty swanky parties...can we go back in time and hang out? i think we could have been besties. (father's mother)

unfortunately, all we have are stories, memories, and photos. i'll have to make it a mission to capture and document some of those moments in time...you know...for future generations like this gal...