well well well...we meet again. and by we i mean the goals and me.

seriously...after the gi-normous bowl of p-corn i just ate, i've concluded i either need popcorn nightly to survive or i have a p.c. problem. #popcornproblems

if i thought ze popcorns (juan pablo, anyone?) were bad before i had kaye...they are extra bad now. i probably eat double the amount...and that's a lot. i went through an entire five pound container (from costco) by myself in less than a year. in less than six months. in like...three months.

i don't know whether to be disgusted or impressed. i'll be both.

and so i was inspired. i thought...there is no better time than to set some goals on willpower when your willpower is at it's weakest.

1. i will in no way, shape, form, pop, eat, think about, smell popcorn for an entire week.

2. i will run at least 15 miles this week. i only ran twice this past week and i didn't like it. i'm a nicer person if i've had a good sweat here and there. i also find that i'm waaaay more productive after a run. i tend to eat crappier and drink more beer. but hey, baby steps, jack. (duck dynasty, anyone? seriously...i never in a million years thought i would watch it...but i do. i really do.)

3. crunches and sit-ups - one may wonder why i have such a hard time with crunches and sit-ups. i used to do them all the time before kaye and now...nine months out...i have yet to take them back up. i'm on the floor with kaye all day long, i would think it would be a snap for me to bust at least 10 pushups out...excuses excuses. i'll do at least 25 pushups a day and at least 1000 crunches for the week.

does anyone out there set weekly goals?

i find that if i've written it down i think about it more often...resulting in a greater chance of said goal(s) actually being accomplished.

with that, i'll leave you with a little story:

several weeks ago, my pal over at the farmers wife, amy, loaned me her old camera so that i could play around with fancy settings and blah blah blah. i was convinced it would change my pictures. i'd have the blurred backgrounds, impeccable lighting, and full-on glamour shots. these were going to look profesh for sure.

well...it looks like i have a little model on my hands.

okay okay...she took like 50 good ones...

from the looks of it...she basically had the very best day...ever.