it's that time again.

time to put a value on my what i was able to accomplish this week. and as i reflect...not a heck of a lot. but that's okay...because sometimes that just happens. you feel incredibly busy but don't have a lot to show for it...right?

1. my main squeeze, my hottie, my farmer and i celebrated year number three of marriage. i had this bright idea about a month ago that i would like to spend our special day on the river. you see...farmer and i used to kayak all the time. but ever since i became with child i had my sissy pants on and that resulted in no kayaking for two years. and let me tell you...after two years of not becomes very scary all over again. but success! my farmer guided me down that river safely and soundly and we had the very very best time...just like old times.

2. farmer and i are at it again. i mean...we are borderline hoarders on our own...but put us together and we are full blown hoarders. i hoard the clothing. he hoards the gear. it's a hoarding combination. but...we are on the up and ups! i'm getting all our shiz together for a nice little ga-rage sale and i can't wait to see if i make any mula from our hoarding efforts.

3. the impossible - have. you. seen. this. movie? HAVE YOU?? o.m.god. it's the one about the tsunami in 2006. i watched it by myself this week while farmer was farming and baby was sleeping. i'm having a really hard time with it. it's an absolutely amazing story, but devastating. and it hurts my heart just thinking about it. so...i don't know if i would recommend it. actually...i don't recommend it.

4. baby's 12 - 18 month clothing arrived and i couldn't be more thrilled. she's 100% trashed a solid majority of her 6 - 12 month clothing. the girl looks like a ragamuffin. but once the weather turns she'll be a whole new woman. thanks baby gap for super cute outfits such as these...

5. speaking of baby getting bigger...she's also getting older. as in...she'll be one year old in less than three months. and you know what THAT means?! birthday party planning time! she was welcomed into this world on october 30th so we'll be throwing a halloween shindig for all the kiddies we can talk into visiting the farm. i've decided on sugarskulls as our inspiration.

alrighty - happy weekend and happy link-up!