that's right. my birthday month is marching toward us.

last year during my birthday month all i could think about was getting a baby out of me.

this year for my birthday month all i can think about is my ridiculously growing wish list. 

and it seriously is ridiculous. 

why can't i be more like kaye and be excited about a $5 combine our farmer won for her on ebay? i heart's desire become more and more expensive. 

i mean...a couple of christmas's ago i received a treadmill. a nice one...with a tv on it and everything. very farm-fancy.

oh's a wish list. WISH list. it certainly doesn't mean it's going to happen.

1. a new one of these:

i have quite literally dropped my current laptop on the ground at least four times. this last time it actually chipped a little piece off. plus it's six years old and that's like 339 years old in human years.

2. a vay-cay with my love love. (that means you, farmer.) just a little overnighter or two would be fantastic! let's explore some place in idaho we've not been. yes?

we could go here...

or here...

or we could just go long as we're together. awwwwww...

3. how about one of these fancy-schmancy cameras with a big fat lens? i could go for one of these. so with the new laptop AND the new camera...this blog here of would blow up. i just know it.

i probably couldn't tell you the first thing about this camera. i probably couldn't even tell you how to turn it on. but i know it's more than decent...and i promise i'm a semi-fast learner.

4. birthday come early - a set of these...

thanks lovey. this gift will come to fruition in about nine months.

and lastly...

5. i think one of these could look real real good in our kitchen, babe. REAL good.

have a super-swell weekend!