sooo...a few weeks ago i was tagged in the lovely laura's post. she basically answered some questions about herself and then passed it on to some others in blog land.

well...since i talk ALL about myself ALL the time...i figured talking about myself even more could get old real REAL fast. am i right? or am i right? i'm right.

so instead...i decided it would be fun to answer her questions from my farmer's perspective.

please note: these are not his answers...simply how i think he might answer.

so here we go.

1. favorite movie?

my farmer would normally smart-ass his answer and say something like a walk to remember or anything by nicholas sparks. but i happen to know the truth. his most favorite movie is forrest gump. i think it tugs at his heartstrings.

oh oh...we also really like shows we can watch together...such as: duck dynasty, top gear...and that's it.

2. favorite evening out drink?

my farmer's drink of choice would be any sort of dark beer. the darker the better. if it's a nitro stout...i think he would choose that every time.

however, when we're out with his college buddies he's known for ordering them any sort of drink that might arrive in a girly glass with decorations like fruit or umbrellas. he's generous that way

3. guilty pleasure?

yeah...he has guilty pleasures. they are called girly cocktails. i think he orders the girly cocktails for his buddies because he secretly wants to drink them. but let's face it...they are yummy.

4. what is your biggest pet peeve?

currently my farmer's biggest pet peeve is when i tell him to, "shhhhh!" you see...our little gal's room is RIGHT off our great room and our great room is all hardwood. and my farmer...well...he's a guy. and guys just don't know how to adjust their volume. and he always happens to come home when our gal is napping. and he stomps across our hardwood or slams the door or eats too loudly, or breathes. she's a light sleeper.

5. who inspires you?

my wife. she's amazing and beautiful.

actually...he probably inspires himself. he's pretty amazing and quite the go-getter. i know he inspires me most every day. awwww...

6. is this how you imagined your life to be?

drool-monster 5000
no...i don't think this is how he imagined his life to be. he probably thought he'd be married to someone slightly hotter, who was a little less naggy, who cooked a little more. he also probably never imagined having a little gals as beautiful as she is. and she is least we think so.

i think it is safe to say we're pretty happy. there are the crazy moments (mostly my crazy moments)...but it's all worth it in the end.

alrighty-roo. i guess i'm supposed to tag a few fellow bloggers now.

gal-faces, please answer six of the following questions:

1. is this how you imagined your life to be?
2. favorite evening out drink?
3. favorite movie, or tv show?
4. what is your guilty pleasure?
5. how long have you known your best friend?
6. what is a current dream you hope to achieve?
7. where was your best vacation and why?
8. what is your biggest pet peeve?
9. what is your top wedding memory?