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when the heck did i get a 10 month old? i cuddled her i  can not believe that her legs dangle over the side of the chair.

it was quite literally just a few months ago i could hold her for hours and my arms wouldn't get tired.

now? bahahaha. she's a chunk and a half. girlfriend has the cheeks, gut, and thighs to prove it. she's lucky she's walking, because she's too heavy to carry.

and that's the truth.

girlfriend is moving and grooving like nobody's bizz.

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she went from crawling slowly to tentative stepping to practically running in a matter of weeks. i guess that's how it usually goes...right?

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and you know what i've concluded?

it's a really great idea to not let your children walk until they have a stronger sense of balance.

nine month olds have no business being on two feet. they fall all. the. time.

and they aren't just little falls on to their booties.

it's always one of the following:
  • dramatic fall on the front of the face.
  • dramatic fall on the side of the face.
  • sideways fall onto the ear.
  • find any piece of furniture and slam into it with your face.
among other various're still thriving.

i can't lie...i'm pretty proud of you. i'm convinced that you're walking at nine months is a tell that you're going to love running with your mama. 

speaking of still yell "mama" when you're tired or irritated, but i think the other day you started saying dadadadada. and let me tell you, when you have dada's going to rain. 
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rain presents and love and WHATEVER YOU WANT. i can't wait to see what we can get out of him.  i've even started a little wish list. 

the day you say, "dada," i'm going to ask him if we can buy you this:

because little girls from idaho need their patagonia, fleece vests. then you and i can dress like twinsies...i'm not-so-secretly very excited for us to start dressing in matching outfits. no judgement. 

do you want to know what you do better than anything these days? sleep. you are amazing. i'll give you a cuddle cuddle before each nap or night time and you practically stiff arm me and dive into your crib. how did this happen? 

and ps. your 6:30 pm bedtime is ridiculous. sometimes around 8:30 pm your farmer and i talk about waking you up because we miss you. we never do, but we think about it.

your favorites:

1. you love your farm machinery. you push around a little tractor that brody "gifted" to you and also show some attention to a combine your dad got for you. but if you drop that metal combine on the top of my foot one more time i'm going to throw it in the trash.  no mercy.

2. hide and go seek/getting chased - first you find us and then you want us to chase you. it's the very best game and can suck up an hour in a flash. to hear you squeal and giggle and pant because you're out of breath from being chased is hysterical. your farmer and i may enjoy the game more than you.
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3. tomatoes - you're just like me, sweets! you love tomatoes. we had a box of them sitting in the laundry room and it was awfully quiet. i peaked around the corner and you had thrown several on the ground, but the one in your hand had a giant bite out of it. good for you.

4. your pink blanket - what's with that? as we're playing on the floor i'll toss it in front of you and you can't help it. without fail...every single'll dive forward and rub your face on it. sometimes you grab it and shove it in your mouth and give it a little chew. and if ever we want a little cuddle, all we have to do is drape it over our shoulder and you'll lay your head down. that pink blanket is a godsend. thank you pink blanket. thank you.

dislikes: sitting still, keeping your bib on, getting your diaper changed

nicknames: turtle, sweets, sweety-bear, baby

oh turtle, did you know we call you turtle because of your little lips? you kind of curl them under and snap like a snapping turtle. 

you are pretty easy-breezy these days. you are an excellent communicator of your needs, and when those simple needs are met you're good to go. 

you still demand quite a lot of attention, but you are only 10 months we'll give you a break. 

i would like you to work on a few things between now and your first birthday:

1. your walking. you need to find your center of gravity asap. the falling on your head is really making me nervous.

2. the mama-clinginess. 

3. a later bedtime. i know this sounds crazy, but do you think 8 pm is unheard of? your current 6:30 pm bedtime is KILLING our already pathetic social life.

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we love you, turtle. turtle-bear.