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moving on...

what's better than taking an impromptu road trip westward with your farmer and baby on a mini vay-cay?

going on a roadtrip/mini vay-cay to pick up a very special item for my farmer.

something he just HAD to have. the farm needed one. my farmer needed one.

he's been pining over it for at least a year...that i know of.

but MOST importantly, kaye needed one. and what our turtle wants...our turtle gets. so farmer says.

but first...the road trip to get there.

we left the farm at 3 am so that miss miss would sleep for the first leg of our trip. the plan was to stay in bend, oregon for the day/night.

we would check out the town. go see the rogue river. visit a brewery or two.

that was all thrown out the window when we remembered that we have a 10 month old who doesn't travel that well and demands naps in a completely dark area with a sound machine. girlfriend is a little picky.

we also couldn't find a hotel. who knew ALL the hotels in our price range would be completely booked. no vacancy.

so instead we stayed at the most expensive hotel. yay for me! sad face for my farmer who's been known to set up sleep-shop in the back of his truck at a rest stop.

it had a sitting room and two tv's. who needs a room with two tv's?
seriously...we've done that more than once.

so instead of the brewery tours we sat in the grass at a park and drank some beer and watched our turtle explore and smile at all the strangers.

we also took a mini-hike with turtle and tried to put her tom's to good use seeing as how she's growing out of them already. farmer carried her the whole way.

and finally arrived at our destination and picked up his treat.

here's a teaser.

i've been sworn to secrecy until we can get some pictures with the sunset and farm in the background. those are my farmer's requests. seriously.

okay...go get on the giveaway. like...right now.