1. could it be possible that i've seen a preview of the terrible two's already?

or is it possible that she's actually hit the terrible two's?girlfriend has been cling-master 5000 this week. the worst part? even when i pick her up she still wines and cries. not my idea of fun.

what happened to my sweet little turtle-bear?

i keep telling myself that things change SO quickly. like week to week and sometimes day to day fast...so maybe next week will be different and she'll be back to that happy, sass-face that snorts and steals our food. maybe?

2. have you heard of duolingo? it's a little app for the ol' iPad and it rocks.

if you are interested in practicing another language and learning a few basic phrases...this is the app for you. it's free which is another bonus.

i'm only on lesson three part two, but already i'm impressed with what i've learned.

should i really be impressed with learning rice and sugar in spanish? sure.

3. can fall please get here asap? this week i went over to amy's house and stole some fresh pumpkins from her garden. she helped me craft up these few gems and i kind of love them. unfortunately in my rush to get home i forgot the "k" so now instead of four pumpkins that say my gal's name i have three pumpkins that say, "aye!!!" funny? sure.

ps. painting a chevron pumpkin with my limited art skill-set is extremely difficult. quite the brain-buster.

4. farmer's birthday is tomorrow. he'll be 31. hottest 31 year old i know. i crafted up some john deere colored cakepops for my best guy and i may have eaten 20 in the process. yu-um.

5. i had so little to blog about this week i actually forced myself to cook so that i would have a recipe post. i took pictures and everything, but then i got lazy and didn't write about it. sometimes i just don't find blogging that exciting.

a teaser:

i think that's pretty apparent from the lack-luster in this post.

lo siento.

(i'm sorry in espanol...thanks duolingo!)

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