not only is it friday, but it's also september 6th. that means the countdown has begun!

1. i need to get my shiza together asap.

it is 12 days until my birthday.
nine days until my brother-in-laws birthday.
and EIGHT days until my farmer's birthday.

and as my birthday list is growing, selfishly (please add a pair of black frye boots), i have yet to think of a single thing to get my farmer. farmer did just buy himself something pretty substantial.

2. speaking of frye boots...what's a girl gotta do to get herself a pair of these?

i'm not completely sold on this particular pair, but i know i need a new black boot for fall. and fall is RIGHT around the corner and i cannot wait.

speaking of fall...

3. i was at my most favorite store (costco) sampling the samples and ran across some beautiful flowers in gorgeous fall colors. have i mentioned i'm excited for fall? well i finally ripped out my very very dead petunias and planted the mums and i think they look lovely.

now i just need to remember to water them on a regular basis and we should be good to go.

i have BIG plans for our front porch this fall. we're talkin' hay bales. corn stalks. maybe a scarecrow? not that anyone will see it except us...but i'll surely appreciate it.

4. as we've all heard, my little gal is pretty outstanding, what with her walking at nine months and all. very athletic, i just know it. well...i figured since she's growing up so quickly i may as well start putting stuff together for a big girl room.

this is where i started:

is this not the most beautiful quilt from anthropologie? i'm in love and i think kaye will be in love too when she's like 14 and the quilt is tattered from years of use.

5. we had a winner winner of the loulou made giveaway a few days ago!!

it is mrs. laura beth from mrs. laura beth! she's a fellow farm wife so that's extra fun.

congrats gal!

i'm all linked up for five on friday. check it, yo.