i'ma gonna make a commitment to this weekend. i've picked five fantastic pins and this will be my five on friday.

consider me held accountable.

1. this ruffle frosting tutorial. i have to make kaye's smash cake for her little 1 year photo sesh...so we'll see if i can get this to turn out well enough to be photographed at a distance.

tutorial found here

2. the crockpot is going to get busy. i made this once last year and it was real REAL good. the weather has been super chilly and rainy and is begging for this soup. farmer is going to get some warm meals this weekend.

find recipe here
3. working out. i have to change it up. all i do is get on the treadmill three times a week and run four miles. that got lame about four months ago. i'm going to try this a few times and see how it treats me.

i found this chica's website ages ago and just now read through it. she has some nice little workouts on there.

4. it's time i pick up some steam with kaye's birthday party decor. i was cookin' right along and then i got the new laptop and my life stopped. pathetic? no.

so i'm going to craft up some birthday banners for my little turtle.

banner inspiration found here 
5. with all that running and curcuit workouts i should probably make something fall-ish and glorious and sweet and yum. i've had this guy pinned for awhile. the time is now.

find recipe here

it's going to be a busy weekend, but a lot that has nothing to do with house projects are going to get done. i'm already dreading/excited to get after it.

linkin' up.