earlier this month i ran a snazzy giveaway on ze blog for louloumade. (if you like nursery bedding and all that jazz...check it.) well...this fine gal won the giveaway and an ad spot/featured post on my blog! 

the best part? she's married to a farmer too! apparently farmer's wives and blogging go hand in hand.

meet mrs. laura beth!

Q: What is your favorite thing about blogging? 
A:: I feel like people always answer this questions the same - The Relationships you make. So at the chance of sounding like a broken record, I'll change it up. One of my favorite things is the feedback from my {real life} Family & Friends. I love hearing from my Mom that she loved my post about her, that I brought tears to my Sister's eyes {in a good way}, that my Dad is proud of me. I blog for Me but it is a really nice 'feel good' thing to know others are enjoying it too. 

Q: What attracted you to your husband?
A:: Oh those blue eyes of his just make me melt and on top of that he was {still is} a complete gentleman. I couldn't resist him!

Q: What are some of your hobbies?
A:: Photography, Reading, Drinking Wine, Lounging at the Lake, Napping {if that can be considered}, Hanging out with Loved Ones.

Q: What is one piece of marriage advice you have?
A:: These aren't my words but it is some of my favorite advice that actually came from a Bonnie Mohr 'I Do' print we received from my parents for our wedding. The whole verse is amazing but this is one of my favorite parts: "Stand together, but let there be space in your togetherness." 
Just because you are married or in a relationship does not mean you have to lose who you were before you met that person. My husband and I compliment each other very well, we are great together and after {almost} 7 years of being together we still know who we are as individuals and that is something I think is very important.  

Q: What is something not many people know about you?
A:: I need to have something to hug when I sleep.  Pretty sure it is a comfort thing {I know, it sounds really strange} but I fall asleep so much better when I have something to hug. 

Q: What do you love doing?
A:: Photography. I Love capturing moments, true smiles, raw emotion. I don't consider myself a professional {because, let's face it, those people are amazing} but I love to take it a little further than a hobby, especially in this day & age when everyone is claiming to be a 'photographer'. 

Q: What is something you feel strongly about or have a passion for?
A:: I have a passion for small town living. I feel small towns and our way of life is misconceived by a lot of people who have never experienced it. We are not hicks, we are farmers who live in the country {there is a difference}. My husband, dad, brother-in-law, father-in-law, neighbors, best friends and community members all help to grow the crops and raise the animals that provide food on the plates of Americans all around. Food For Thought: The average Farmer feeds around 155 people - Who are you going to thank for your next meal?!

Q: Is this how you imagined your life to be?
A:: Probably Not, but I'm still {as Gary Allan would say} Right Where I Need To Be. Of course there are little things I would change if I could but they are more cosmetic and just that 'things'. I'm blessed with my faith, an amazing husband, family, and great friends. I'm living in the wide open spaces of God's Country and I couldn't ask for a better life if I dreamt it up myself.

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