we have another inspiration board made just for a farmer & the bell reader!

i got a sweet-as-pie e-mail from a gal named emily, who said her 21st birthday was right around the corner.

she loves the colors pink and gold...and she also shared a few other details about the outline of how her birthday was going to go down.

(a small celebration with family and more than likely going out with friends later on to celebrate.)

sounds like my kind of gal!

so...next thing i knew i got slammed with last minute details for my gals par-tay and was unable to toss around party ideas with sweet emily until just this week.

lame...totally lame.

i'm sorry, emily. :( really i am!

i shot her an e-mail with a few ideas and now i've put together a fun and flirty inspiration board...just for her.

i think what was fun about this board is that this is so totally not my style...i mean...i'm a farmer's wife. we use tractors as party accessories.

but i still found it super fun to find all the pieces and see what came together on the board in the end.

this board gives me a very clear picture of what this little par-tay would look like...and me likey.

me likey so much i could see a new year's party taking on these colors.

or really any formal-esque event that needed some girly flare.

just looking at it makes me want to sip some champagne on a wednesday night...and maybe dance on a table. okay...definitely dance on a table.

mood: fun. flirty. cocktails. sparkle.

colors: fuchsia, gold, black

row 1: champagne sign / gold dress / ombre cake
row 2: gold balls
row 3: flowers / headpiece / sofia / mason jar / birthday
row 4: gold clutch / tassels / gold forks

and the drill is still the same! please oh please send me your party ideas/requests and i'll brainstorm with you!


i only have time to do one inspiration board a week, but i'll do my very best to answer all e-mails!

thank you again for all the kind words and support. you people are the best.