i'm guilty.

i talk a big talk and then i don't walk the walk.

i'm guilty of having ideas about adventures or suggesting we do this or that...and then when there is a free moment in the schedule i choose to not.

i'll do laundry, or obsessively polish our hardwood floors, or i'll suggest to my farmer that we watch tv and cuddle...and let's be real here. that usually wins.

but last sunday we grabbed the proverbial bull by the horns and explored this beautiful neck of the woods we live in.

(less "neck of the woods" and more of a canyon. seriously...we have a canyon in our backyard.)

we loaded our little bear up and set out on our adventure.

we hiked down the canyon as kaye grabbed at her dad's face.

hey...a girl has to keep herself entertained.

and this was our view the whole way down. it really is a stunner.

did i mention it was the perfect day?

slight breeze. about 68 degrees. just lov-er-ly.

and when we reached the bottom i just really wanted to get a good shot with my turtle. we have next to no pictures together.

correction: we have no pictures together when she's smiling. but i swear...she likes me. i think.

we have no question about her farmer. she's head over heels for this guy. #jealous #choppedliver

did i mention i have a new obsession with dressing these two the same? i don't even care if she looks like a boy.

it's the best.

last sunday was a fantastic sunday and sure beat sitting on the couch.

but sometimes it just feels so good to sit on the couch.

everything in moderation, so they say.