it's time for another inspiration board…woo.

i know that a solid majority of y'all could give a hoot about these, but some of you kind of like them according to your kind comments and e-mails, and i cannot thank you enough…because i'm really enjoying putting them together.

this inspiration board was inspired by a mother's love. she has a sweet gal who will be turning 16 and definitely deserves a sweet little par-tay.

this sweet soon-to-be 16 year old is pretty hip and with it and gorgeous to boot. 

but what 16 year old isn't? 

i swear…looking back on my 16 year old self…you would have guessed i didn't own a mirror. 

just ask my eyebrows.

okay…so she's gorgeous. she's hip and with it. she's very deserving of a beautiful party. and this chica has style.

after some back and forth with her mom and knowing that emerald is a super hot color this fall we decided on that as an anchor color and finished with this:

mood: sophisticated. innocent. bold. sweet 16.

colors: emerald, eggplant, grey


would you like your very own inspiration board for an upcoming celebration?

shoot me an E-MAIL and i would be oh so happy to swap ideas. for realz. seriously. 

i only have time to do one board a week, but i'm MORE than happy to brainstorm with you…so count me in for that!

thank you again for the e-mails and comments…they make a gal feel real real good.