ONE //

channing tatum - this guy is kind of all over the media these days…and for good reason. he's smokin'. but whenever i make a comment or there's some sort of movie advertisement for this dreamy hunk of a hunk my farmer asks what i see in "tainty chatum?" or "tanning taintum?" or "tainting channum?" really, just some form of his name with the word taint in it. and i laugh every single time.

TWO //
does anyone else get endless crap from their main squeeze about blogging? well i do. my farmer will ask me why nobody wants to sponsor my blog (sarcastically). or he'll ask why so and so has more followers. or he'll glance at my laptop and say, "quick…pin that before somebody else does!" knowing very well that multiple people can pin something because i've explained it to him several times. he is so ornery.


i giggle when my farmer falls asleep at 7:45 pm several nights in a row. hey…a farmer needs his sleep. what's better is waking him up and trying to get him to wrestle when he really just wants me to leave him alone. for some reason that's when i like to tease him the most. i guess i'm a little ornery too.


the way my farmer teases kaye. i used to get annoyed with him for it…but i now realized that it's building her sense of humor and encouraging good character. she's going to be hysterical at this rate.


i laugh to myself when i realize just how much these two are alike.

they share a scary spark in their eye that lets me know they are up to no good…i'm in trouble.

i'm a lucky gal to be able to laugh on the daily with my little family.

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