let it be noted that our turtle is spoiled.

spoiled like no turtle should be.

but…i typically have no problem finding more and more and more things she just needs so very badly.

girlfriend is just so sweet it's easy to want to buy her presents.

so…when it came time to put together a little wish list for my best gal it was a snap.

however, just like her birthday, these are presents i will NOT be getting her. (except for maybe the book. it's just so darn cute…and every turtle needs a new book…)

…and that buffalo plaid dress. and those snow boots. and…and…let's face it. she'll probably have the list by the 25th.

credits: dress // play table // snow boot // vest // book

please note this list was supposed to be five things to coordinate with the link-up…but sometimes a girl needs six. well…my turtle needs six.