hola. checking in from our little vay-cay!

yes. i got my farmer off the farm for an entire week!

we've been to: chico, san luis obispo, santa barbara, back up to san francisco, and now we're finishing up in chico.

driving around 20 hours with a toddler i thought would be a slow painful death.

but our turtle…she's been a total trooper.

give our turtle some sunshine and a little ocean breeze…heaven.

but back to the point…we flew into sacramento and stumbled upon two very helpful flight-tips that i wanted to share because they are oh so simple and oh so practical.

take a plastic grocery sack with you. slip it over the tray that folds down and you have yourself a placemat for inflight snack time. it also makes for a snappy clean-up by just turning it inside out as you take it off the tray.

this same sack can be doubled as a trash bag. i was shocked at how much trash we had at the end of a 1.5 hour flight.

take the barf bag. put the barf bag on your hand and make it a puppet. 

bite the hand with the puppet.

this was the brain-child of my farmer and our little gal thought it was hysterical.

the best part: it was a clean barf bag. it was free. she loved it.

alrighty…wish us a safe and cry-free flight home tomorrow.