last year i bought some darling christmas cards from target and wrote a unique message in each one until i was cross-eyed and my hand was cramping.

this year…with as busy as kaye is…it just wasn't in the cards for me. i could have done it during nap time…but that time is precious reality show watching/coffee drinking/running-time and i wasn't about to sacrifice.

so i hopped on minted and started browsing their holiday cards. i love their designs. they are just oh so stylish.

however…it was a tough pill for me to swallow when i realized i'd be spending over $150 on pieces of cardstock. i just couldn't stomach that…and neither could my farmer.

so i jumped on etsy and purchased some image files and got to work in photoshop.

after about 10 hours of youtube tutorials our card was complete.

our grand total for christmas cards this year was $33 + stamps.

nailed it.

i'm under no illusions that had i purchased from minted they would probably be cuter and of higher quality…but these definitely get the job done.

merry holidays.