is anyone else in "power-christmas" mode?

this can include, but is not limited to…
  • christmas crafts
  • christmas baking
  • christmas drinking
  • sending christmas cards
  • shopping for gifts
  • shopping for christmas dinner
  • christmas jammies
  • christmas drinking
  • you get the idea…
  • oh yeah…and christmas drinking
well, out here on the farm we are participating in some christmas here and some christmas there and i wanted to give you fine folk a little taste of a festive farm…

1// as your know…kaye completed her first pieces of art. i only painted about 95% of them. 

2// kaye is also forced to wear christmas jammies every. single. night.

and she may get/have to stay in them until after lunch. don't judge me.

you can also see in the above picture that the "presents" sign will most definitely not be hung this year…but will rather lean until after the new year.

3// i also repurposed every red piece of home decor i could find.

4// this santa is a cookie jar and we have yet to receive any baked goods from anyone to fill it. i'm about to take it personally…

5// our tree leaves a lot to be desired this year. we picked it up on a sunday and it was approximately 4º outside…and windy. very windy. i typically go with a noble fir. they are thin with strong branches and just look clean.

this tree is short, fat, and leans to the left.

(that's what she said.)

5+1// i'm a total sucker for plaid. i bought a duvet in the same material. i'm scared to put it on our bed because if my farmer sees one more thing i've purchased…we might get a good old-fashioned talking-to.

and there you have it. i fully intend to drop some cold, hard billz every holiday season on more christmas decor until our house is so over the top it makes me sick to my stomach.

but since this is only our second christmas in the house…this is definitely a good start.

excuse me now. i'm going to continue to enjoy my friday morning with some coffee and bailey's.

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