let's talk about it. i'm a little more than a little fashion challenged.

my farmer is DEFINITELY underwhelmed with my outfit choice as of late: sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

it's not great.

i've also been known to fork over some cash for some decent jeans. i mean…that's one of the first things you learn about fashion: splurge on a great pair of jeans.

after i had kaye the first thing to go was my rear-end. none of my pants fit anymore and i actually went down a size or two. (don't worry…my upper body stayed the same resulting in a really weird figure.)

so i had to get some new denim. i bought a pair of skinny citizens, some green cords from j.crew, and a grey pair of distressed citizens (which i love love love).

but not one pair of those $$$designer$$$ duds holds a candle to the pair of dark-wash, denim leggings i picked up from banana republic. and because i have their credit card i got them for 40% off…bringing my grand total to: $53.70.

$53.70 on my most favorite pair of jeans ever? you can't beat that.

here i am in the fitting room. i took a picture to send to my sister because i just couldn't believe my legs looked this thinnish. those mirrors are liars. LIARS! but those mirrors convinced me to buy the jeans.

here are the top reasons i love them so much:
  • first and foremost - they make you look smaller than you are. bonus!
  • they didn't cost an arm and a leg…and a kidney.
  • they hug the legs without puckering/folding. i've had that happen and ain't nobody got time for that. the way they hug just leaves a nice smooth silhouette. yay!
  • they are very stretchy but you can wear them a TON without stretching out. i wore them so many times they actually got dirty before they stretched out. 
  • lastly…i can wear them and get down on the floor for some serious playing and wrestling around with my little gal and without being uncomfortable. i think that's why i love them most…that and i look skinny in them.
so…if you're looking for a new pair of denim…these might just be your next pair. try them out!