it's the day after christmas and if you're like our household you're frantically pulling the ornaments off the tree because it's about to spontaneously combust.

dry. dry as a bone.

allow me to put my bragging pants on…but i'm not sure if you're all aware…i have the very very best farmer in all the land.

let's just say i was good this year. very very good.

not only did i receive a new pair of twin-tip, powder skis…

(i want nobody to be deceived. i'm not a skiing bad-ass. quite the contrary. i prefer the groomers. you'll only find me in the trees on accident. and if i happen to go over a jump you can expect a little equipment yard sale…and you'll be able to find my pride somewhere uphill from my wreck.)

but guess who will also be traveling to california for a kid-free, four day vay-cay to see her sister?

it's me. i'm going.

granted, my heart already aches at the thought of leaving kaye (and my farmer) for those four days…but it's equally bursting at the idea of sleeping in, and not having to prepare meals for her, and not having to change her diaper, and not having to pick up toys, and not dealing with her mini-fits…and…and…i'm just really excited.

i wasn't the only good girl in the house, though. kaye held up her end of the deal too.

if you remember, i wrote about kaye's wish list here. i also said she wouldn't be getting anything because she already has too much shi…stuff.

she has too much stuff. it's a problem.

but i just couldn't help myself. neither could my farmer…he's an instigator.
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needless to say, the tractor is her most favorite and tears through our house like a maniac. thank god for "open-concept." it really allows her to build some speed. 

girlfriend was built for speed.

i hope all y'all of you guys and yours had a really super christmas with lots of food, beverage, family and friends. yay!