i'm the proud owner mother of a 15 month old. 

she's really booming right before our eyes. 

and by booming i mean she's tall, but says absolutely no words. none. not one.

she kind of says // mom + dad

she signs // dog + cat + more + all done + diaper

she makes the animal noises of // cows + ducks + dogs + elephants

but her very most favorite sounds of all // whining + crying

don't get me wrong, she smiles and laughs all the time, but it's rare we catch these moments on camera.

i'm quite comfortable in saying she's physically advanced. girlfriend can get around with the best of them. 

when is too early to start training for an olympic sport? she's showing signs of greatness…i just know it.

i think it's safe to say our gal will never be a hair model. we're still pretty patchy. we do have enough hair to wake up with bed head. that's a recent development. 

 oh turtle // i'm absolutely in love with your little hands and little feet. i especially love when you pet my face as i read you stories.

daddy's girl? i think so. he used to carry you around like this at the ski hill when you were a newborn…you would sleep for hours. 

your latest and greatest accomplishment? texting and driving. i wonder where you learned that from…your farmer, maybe?

other bad habits you've learned from your farmer?

climbing on the seat of your tractor // skateboard style. not okay. 

proud mom moment // i whole-heartedly believe you're the most beautiful, little gal…pretty much ever. 

you have the tiniest nose.

the bluest eyes.

and the sweetest, little mouth. 

i could kiss your cheeks off.

another notable quality // you babble out of the side of your mouth all. the. time.

i love that.

nicknames // turtle + turkey + little girl

favorite meal // pulled pork + sweet potatoes

likes // walks outside + swimming + going anywhere with your farmer

dislikes // diaper changes + blowing your nose + second nap…you're surely trying to get rid of it.