my name is karli…and i'm obsessed with parties.

i really love them.

the details. the planning. the execution.

the problem?

i'm not the best hostess. i struggle with time-management and procrastination.

i need more practice…plain and simple.

so until people start knocking down my door (or filling my inbox) with requests to organize and execute their soiree, i'll settle for putting together my little inspiration boards that my farmer constantly makes fun of.


1 || be mine blushing bride

i started collecting these pictures to inspire a sweet valentine's day party. but when i looked at the collection i knew it would be the perfect combination of pinks, blushes, and reds for something slightly fancier. girly wedding, anyone?

2 || party in pink…and gold

this board was created for a sweet gal who was getting ready to celebrate her 21st. what does every 21 year old need? a killer outfit (nothing says "it's my 21st like a gold dress) and enough champagne to dance on a table.

3 || ski shower for a winter bebe

i was thrilled to make this little board for a gal and her guy who are very near and dear to farmer and me. their baby boy (jack) has since arrived and he's cuter than cute. we've only seen him once because kaye has been permanent sick this winter (four times, back to back)…but as soon as she's well…we'll be in the big city knocking down their door…uninvited. it's what we do.

4 || plaid + pink = perfect

this board was made for a little gal turning one! when her mom sent me the e-mail telling me her idea for a plaid and pink winter party i knew i liked the idea of it. red plaid and pink is not a combination you think of. but throw in some hot cocoa, rustic touches, and gold tones…you have yourself a super-sweet 1st birthday.

5 || sophisticated sweet 16

a dear friend's daughter turned 16 several months ago and the mom wanted to throw her a sophisticated party as a surprise. it had to be sophisticated because this 16 year old has some serious style. she's also just about the prettiest, kindest teenager i've ever met. it's true. 

oh! are you inspired? would you like your very own party consultation + inspiration board? well…i'd be happy to help!

baby shower? wedding? birthday party? bridal shower?

just shoot me an e-mail at FARMER & the BELL with your basic thoughts and we'll go from there!

linkin' up!