you know those days when you get together with your very best gal pals and you go to a wedding show and you act like you're getting married for the first time?

you know…you take off your wedding band, you put your best blushing-bride face on, you smile at all the vendors and eat about 47 samples of cake…

right? everyone does this.

not to mention that i signed myself up for every giveaway that was being offered.

i'm bound to win something. bound.

and don't get me started on the fashion show with "local talent." i was so embarrassed for them i could barely look at the stage.

but the best of all? better than the cake samples that made me sick? better than not winning a free hotel stay?

there were about 28 photobooth vendors to take advantage of. it doesn't get better than that.

and a holla holla to my gal-face on the left. she REALLY IS getting married. it's the best. the very very best.