hey friends hey!

a big high five in these here parts. we're leaving for a week vay-cay to the mountains!

talk about thrilled.

big plans // date nights. ski time. snowshoeing. hot tub time. tubing. card-playing. bailey's in my coffee every morning. and bailey's in my coffee every evening.

yay for vay-cay.

to give you a little taste of where we're headed…

1// it's perfectly picturesque.

2// this week some fantastic friends (see their wedding here) had their baby. we just couldn't be more thrilled for them. i made the new mom (and i guess the dad can have one or two if he's nice) some delish mini muffs.

greek yogurt + whole wheat + fresh blueberries = you can't go wrong.

kaye definitely gave her stamp of approval.

recipe here

3// kaye was on the receiving end of yet another christmas present a few nights ago and she couldn't be more thrilled. the tea set she received is easily a favorite toy. only second to every measuring cup and/or spoon i own.

and having tea with her farmer is the best in her book.

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have a snazzy weekend!

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