while the farmer is away…the girls will play, right?

except for when it snows eight inches in a single day/night and you're paralyzed in fear of driving on those snow-covered, farm roads.

seriously…eight inches. normally we're lucky if we get two inches on the farm.

not going to happen.

so we did a lot of house time. yay.

plus, people say i don't write about kaye enough…said no one ever.

well…we started things off with a new outfit.

i bought this little number for valentine's day, but i was aching to get her in it.

there is just something about a one-piece that suits that belly of hers.

the next day, the snow had settled and the sun was shining so we knew it was time to get some fresh air.

girlfriend loves fresh air. 

except for when there's any snow in sight. no thanks.

i got her to stop crying long enough to show her that she could eat the snow. 

girlfriend loves eating, so i knew this was right up her ally. plus it's calorie free. there's a win.

mere moments passed and girlfriend took a dive on our slippery walkway.

i'll be writing sorel a strongly worded letter about their traction on their toddler boots.

unfortunately (or fortunately) there is just something about the way kaye cries that cracks me up. there are about 50 of this same shot while she laid there. 

maybe the crying doesn't bother me anymore because she does it ALL. THE. TIME.

this morning we had to try our cowboy boots on because girlfriend had a farm party to attend this afternoon. 

as it turns out, she likes the way the hard soles click across our hardwood floor. she clomped around the rest of the day in this exact outfit.

is this a preview into high heels across our hardwood? doubtful. girlfriend is a tomboy. 

god love her.