you guys. my little blog here reached 600 readers this weekend on bloglovin!

that's a big, damn deal to me.

granted…there are blogs out there that have 1000, 4000, 20k and more…but a humble 600? i'll take it.

but enough about that…i cleaned out my fridge this weekend for the first time since we moved in.

now, before you think i'm absolutely disgusting. let me tell you…i'm absolutely disgusting.

we moved in two years ago.

i've always considered myself a clean person. like…clean clean. not OCD clean, but clean.

as in, i own a pair of yellow, rubber gloves and have pumased the toilet ring.

so last week when i asked farmer if we could get a new fridge, instead of impulsively buying one, we made a list of our priority wants:

+ king bed
+ dining table and chairs
+ filtration system to put on our well which could cost more than…a lot. it could cost a lot.
+ backsplash our kitchen and bathrooms

basically, i want each of those things way more than i want a new fridge.

it was a very responsible moment.

i was left to clean it out and scrub it down.

i was shocked at how absolutely disgusting it was. it took the better part of an hour.

if you were to look at it, you never would have thought it was dirty.

take all the food out? gag-worthy. i can't believe we ate food out of there.

but now it's sparkling, organized, and i'll be able to live with it for at least three more weeks.