the weather here has been impeccable. like…60º and you just can't beat that at this time in idaho. 

i mean…tomorrow it could be 25 degrees with winds at 75 mph…but for today we have 60º and i'm in love. 

each winter, ranchers rent our corn fields to put their cows on. this is a particular treat for our kaye who is absolutely smitten with cows. she moos at them every morning. 

we took advantage of the nice weather a few nights ago and took a walk to see the winter cows. 
if only they were baby cows. i would just die of sheer delight. 

did you know baby cows don't have top teeth?

you can pop your four fingers right into their mouths and they'll just suck away and it's the cutest thing. 

right…it's the cutest thing? or am i the only one?

anyway…there's an electric fence surrounding our field. you can barely see it so i was convinced i was going to walk into it at any moment. 

when we approached, my farmer (with turtle on his back) just walked right over it. he's a long-legged thing. dancer legs for miles. 

for about 45 seconds my farmer had me convinced that i could jump it. 

and you know what? i really thought i could. i even gave it a running start two different times, but stopped short twice. 

thank god i'm not a fool. i surely would have been electrocuted. 
instead, i crouched down.

how low can she go? can she go down low? all the way to the flo? (dj casper anyone? cha cha slide? college…anyone?)

i was terrified i was going to brush my back on that wire. 

you see, one time when i was a young gal (like eight or so) i clipped my back on an electric fence and i'm mentally scarred for life. i have zero recollection of what it actually feels like to be electrocuted, but i very clearly remember i didn't like it. and now i'm as scared of electric fences as some may be to heights. i have issues. 

anyway…once safely within the confines of the fence my farmer informed me that we needed to be very quiet and he crouched down. 

i didn't know what he was doing so i followed suit. 
the cows started gathering and getting closer and closer. 

i was still clueless. 

then…in a burst of speed he jumped up and started chasing the cows with my turtle in tow.

you guys…this is farm living, i guess?

cow chasing?
there really is nothing like seeing 500 head of cattle peel out all because your farmer and turtle are after them. 

i'm sure the ranchers appreciated us burning a few calories off their cows too…said no rancher ever.