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2 | would you like to be a part of next month's group giveaway? you bet! head over here and use the code 5FRIDAY to get 30% off! this not only gets you into the group giveaway but also gets your pretty button on my sidebar. holla atcha.
3 | once a week my saint of a farmer takes our little gal for the entire day. it's an understatement to say i look forward to it A LOT. like…more than i look forward to eating an entire box of samoa girl scout cookies. anyway…farmer took kaye on wednesday and i took myself to a movie…complete with popcorn, of course. the wolf of wall street  is…ummm…fantastic. as in…so so good. granted you're going to see a lot of boobies and vaginas. a lot of effing and drug use. you may even see leonardo do some blow into a gal's bootie. (you've been warned.) aside from all that…it's a great story. i recommend…just don't take your mom…or your dad.

4 | i took my best gal to her second week of gymnastics. with each minute that ticks by in the class my dreams of being a stage mom are being crushed. maybe she needs a super cute leotard to get her in the spirit? we're talking…the worst kid in the class. i actually had to pick her up off the floor and take her outside to calm down after epic fit #3 was thrown. the other moms were looking at me with one of two expressions: 1 - thank god that's not my kids. 2 - i feel so bad for that mom…and thank god that's not my kid.
5 | a little prayer for spring - please dear god bring the winds down from 65 mph to 5 - none. i'd love to start running outside. kaye would love to play outside. my farmer would love to not get dirt blasted as he works on his tractors. amen.

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